Documentation for 1st gen PixHawk to Helicopter

When I decided to use my pixhawk 2.4.6 on my T-Rex 600 helicopter, the first thing I did was look for the install and hookup documentation. All I found was docs for the new Cube. Does the 1st gen Pixhawk work on traditional helicopters? If so, where is the documentation?

I realize it won’t be as stable as the new Cube, but I don’t want to spend the big $ required for the Cube.

There’s no real difference in how you hook them up. The connection points may be positioned differently, but they’re called the same.

Okay, Thanks for the quick reply Jakob Schmidt!

Have you checked the setup videos on the wiki?

The settings are the same for all STM32 supported boards, although the plugs might be different.

The only videos I have seen are example of helicopters flying. Nothing on setups.

Control the vibration and fly it up. There is no problem at all.

Sorry, for not linking before. I meant these:

Thank you all for the advice, the links, and the answers to my questions.

This is a great group!

Thanks for joining up ArduPilot. :slight_smile:

For Heli users, I would recommend that you follow the excellent video guides by @ChrisOlson, and the latest 3.6 version is getting a lot of great stuff, including a great default set of parameters that cover most of the helis available on the market.