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Do you know about how to configure this kind of failsafe


(Em Farih) #1


I have seen some rules in uav competition that when entering failsafe mode, the vehicle must:

  • Throttle minimum
  • Altitude maximum
  • Rudder full starboard
  • Aileron full starboard (port)
  • Flaps fully extended

I didn’t understand it at all. I just know that when failsafe activated, the vehicle can change its mode to RTL or something.

Do you know about those configurations?

(Rick) #2

This type of failsafe is generally set on your RC receiver, not on the flight controller. Most receivers allow you to set a behavior when it loses connection with the transmitter. Common failsafe modes are “no pulse,” “hold last position,” and “preset/custom.”

In your case, you would use the preset failsafe. With this type of failsafe, you define the stick positions that the receiver will output when it loses connection. This allows you to perform the required behavior when the failsafe engages.

How to set this failsafe depends on your receiver. Check the manual for instructions.

(Mike Boland) #3

The reason the competitions have specified these settings for fixed wing uav’s is to spiral them straight into the ground at the point of failsafe, or close to it.

This was the original failsafe settings for the Outback Challenge here in Australia which is why we championed the parachute recovery.

Saw some very nice aircraft destroyed following these settings.

(peterbarker) #4

… crash as soon as possible.

(Em Farih) #5

Hi, i just see at a glance about AFS but is it possible to do that kind of failsafe if the RC LOSS?

I try it a bit, and see that if AFS_TERM_ACTION not set to 42, it won’t change it flight surface, but if i set that to 42, it will change as soon as i write it to pixhawk.

Then how can i get to TERMINATE the aircraft when the RC LOSS? is it impossible doing that with this AFS?