Do these yaw, pitch, and roll plots suggest tuning is needed?

Do these yaw, roll ,and pitch (all plotted vs. desired) suggest that tuning is needed? This is for a quad that ive tilted the motors 5 deg circumferentially for increased yaw authority, and on the maiden tuning flight (as per the tuning instructions: Tuning Process Instructions — Copter documentation).

Roll doesn’t look good. You want to look at Rate Rout, R and R des.

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Roll rates are indeed not matching up (red is ROut):

bin file:

perhaps i have some high frequency error that could be cleared by the in-flight fft filter? vibes are good, < 10.

Yea, I would configure the Dynamic Notch Filter and then either some manual tuning or give Auto Tune a try. You have a choice of throttle reference or FFT. I would go with FFT and see how that shapes up.

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Also I do have long, flexible landing legs. Could this be causing issues? Will try out FFT tomorrow hopefully and report back.

Possibly, that has been seen before.