Do_Set_Servo to drop buoy in the ocean

@Allister I am running an auto mission with old Pixhawk FC to drop a buoy in the ocean.
As I understand from the documentation, a “Do_Set_Servo” command is required between two waypoints (in my example below, WP 2 & 4).
I am using the main channel out pin#5, servo_output set to RCIN5.

is this the correct setting for auto mission?

The gripper is maybe a better choice.

It will be somewhere between the 2 WP’s but not necessarily in the middle. As soon as one WP command is executed the next one is activated. You would be better off to pick one WP location where you want it dropped.

Edit-Sorry, I didn’t notice this was a Plane thread.

I’ve never used this command with a plane, but I assume that it would trigger right after WP3. I don’t think you need to have WP4 right after.

This would be something I’d test in the simulator to see how it reacts.


I tested the “Do_Set_Command” in auto mission mode and it did activate the servo after the waypoint. Here are the two videos I uploaded on my channel. In the 2nd video (flight log) below the plane had drifted due to high wind 20knots+

Part#3: (Part 3) 2nd Day Buoy Drop Success - YouTube

Part#2: (Part 2) Buoy drop from RC Plane - YouTube

@amilcarlucas, would you happen to know the difference between the gripper function and RCIN function?

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