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DO_SET_SERVO from Depth Data: Is this possible?

This is a project using a boat with sonar to create a bathymetric chart.

Is it possible to carry out a command to a servo from the depth data received from a transducer?

For example:
Depth: 1-10ft / CH7 / 1200
Depth: 11-20ft / CH7 / 1300
Depth: 21-30ft / Ch7 / 1400
Depth: >30ft / CH7 / 1500

I believe so, probably by using scripts, which I am NOT an expert of…
But may I ask you which kind of behaviour you 'd like to obtain by this function ? Maybe something to give the operator an awareness of shallow water, so to minimize probability of entrapment of the vessel ?
Thank you

Yes, that can be done with lua scripting. google for “Ardupilot lua scripting”

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