Do Set ROI and Auto Take Off

I’m using mission planner 1.3.56 and apmcopter 3.5.5
I have a few different missions whose initial command is “do set roi” including mission planner’s circle survey. The Do_set_roi seems to work fine (had to set the ROI altitude to something other than zero)if I take off in Loiter then switch to auto near mission altitude. My gimbal is a single axis(pitch only) gimbal that is not connected to the autopilot so the ROI command should make the nose of the aircraft face the ROI. If an auto takeoff is used, then the do set roi command seems to be ignored and the aircraft does not point the nose at the ROI. Is there a way to get Do_Set_ROI to work with auto take off?

You need to put a “DO_SET_ROI” before every mission command and/or waypoint in Mission planner.
Then it will work.

OR …
You apply this patch and it will start to work like you want:

thanks, was hoping for something simpler. guess I will stick to manual take off for now.