DO_SET_MODE does really works?


While I was planning a mission in the relevant tab of the Mission Planner I saw the option DO_SET_MODE in the command list. Somewhere in this forum I read that this option wasn’t supported.
Is this still the case? If yes, then why is still in this list? If no, could anyone describe me briefly its purpose?

I don’t think it works. You can try it in SITL and it freezes Mission Planner.

Thank you for your response.
SITL doesn’t work on the latest Stable (it’s a known issue), but it works on the Beta version. My problem is that I can’t get the latest Beta through Mission Planner. I always get the message “Update Failed. The request was aborted: The request was canceled.”

I wouldn’t call this an “issue” it’s just the way it is, and likely to remain. Regardless of the version this selection should probably be deleted from Mission Planners command list.

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I’ve created an issue for MP here:

Thanks for the report.

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