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Do Pixhawk Cube Compasses Die?


Do the internal compasses have a life span? I’ve had mine since December and it’s been perfect. Once every-now-and-then, a compass complains, usually when the aircraft is used on a new site so I do the compass dance and all is happy.

This aircraft has many hours of flight without hardware changes but last week it would not calibrate the internal compass. I’ve tried three different sites and multiple calibrations to rule out metallic influence.

There’s no loose cables and the power cables from the battery and to/from the ESC are at least a few cm from the Cube. The airframe is an EPO RMRC Anaconda.

The external Here+ compass is fine with offsets of x:36 y:-113 z:0

The internal compass is not fine with offsets of x:-1209,y:-37,z:127

There is a second Here+ attached but it is not detected as a 3rd compass.

If I disable Compass #2, the plane will not arm with “Compass not calibrated” Critical error.

Do I need to replace the Cube?
Is there a way to enable Compass #3 on the second Here+ and disable the internal compass?

Thanks, Tim

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