DO NOT use DO_LAND_START with Quadplane in current firmware... till this is fixed

Hi All,

I already opened and issue in githud. Just decided to post a warning here till the devs get around to it. I know many do not read the github on a daily bases.
This way may save someone else from a nasty surprize.

Short version, do not use Do_land_start in any quadplane mission. Be sure to set Set RTL_Autoland to 0.

Long version… read detailed post on github.



I would even expand saying do not use any FS in Auto for quadplanes. I commented on the github thread, but we try to avoid using failsafes for the exact reasons you describe. The consequences of the aircrat attempting to transiton out of a VTOL mode for a fixed wing RTL is way too high. This needs to get fixed or a workaround posted ASAP.



I did not say that for a reason.

If you a enter FS without a Do land start the it would go into qrtl as long as you are within trl radius, which you would be if you are landing or taking off.
Qrtl will not transition. I would just qland. Which is desired.
You can try it in the simulator.

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Ahh, but, you may not always land near your home location, and in that case it’s crazy dangerous. Also, thats assuming you have qrtl set. So sure, if you are within the qrtl radius of your home location while operating vtol it would be fine, you’re right, and that probably does cover a lot of people’s flights. Having multiple home points (not just rally points) or the ability to land at rally points if VTOL, and RTL if fixedwing would help with this.