Do mount control operation

I’m not able to have the “do mount control” command working in mission planner missions while my servo gimbal works fine.

My set up :

  • Pixhawk
  • Servo gimbal 2 axis

I have some questions :

  • In gimbal configuration page , do the tilt input ch must be disable ?

  • In gimbal configuratation page I have 1000 and 1950 ms as servo limits and -15 and 15 as angle limits ;
    what are the values that the do mount control will accept , they must be in the range -15 to +15 or the values are not related to angle limits ?

  • Also DO_SET_SERVO command do not seems to work . Any ideas ?

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Probably because the do_mount command is only supported by arducopter 3.3 and not 3.2.1 or earlier.

Thanks for your reply.
I made a try with the 3.3 for the do mount control but it did not work.

With the 3.2 , either the do set servo command do not work.
I have put “10” as servo numer since the tilt servo is connected to output 10 of Pixhawk.

Do some parameter in gimbal configuratation page might interfere with do set servo command ?

I have done some tests.

The set servo command does not work if the servo is used in the gimbal configuration page.

I have a problem with DO_MOUNT_CONTROL. I can add the command and save it to the drone but when I read the file from drone it shows the Pitch, Roll, Yaw as (0,0,0) although I set as 90,0,0. When saving to disk on laptop the parameters stay but when written to drone they revert back to 0. I am using a Walkera Tali H500 with MP.