Do I need to update parameters when upgrading from V2.5 to V3.0?

When upgrading from V2.5 to V3 should I have to update any parameters? I have a wild thumper, taranis, X8R SBUS, sabertooth, with a Pixhawk. I have the sabertooth in independent mode, with skid steer out on. After updating I only have control of the left bank of motors (fwd, reverse, left and right). If I swap the input channels on the pixhawk (1 to 3 and 3 to 1) I then have control of the right bank. I did not have this issue before updating. Any ideas?

It is always best to capture a backup file of your Full Parameter List before and after doing any parameter changes or before a firmware update.
If you do not have a backup Full Parameter List file in order to restore your original Full Parameter List, you might try restoring all of your parameters to their default values and then adjust your parameters as necessary from there and make a Full Parameter List backup file.

I did save a backup of all my parameters and tried re loading them. It did not fix anything,

Hi Robert, you just need to set ARMING_REQUIRE to 0 (1 by default).

That fixed it. Thank you Jean-Luc!

You don’t need to update any parameters. But yes you will need to use the arming feature or turn it off.
Thanks, Grant.

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