Do I need to set PILOT_STEER_TYPE?

Hi, I have a skid steering boat (AR 3.5.1) (CHANNEL1=ThrottleLeft and CHANNEL3=ThrottleRight)
I’m starting to config and tune. I’m reading this and looking for PIVOT_TURN_ANGLE on MP I found it’s description and talking about SKID_STEER_OUT=1. I search for that parameter and it’s no there. So I go to the wiki to this section and found PILOT_STEER_TYPE and is set to 0. Is that ok?
Anyway, I’m setting:
PIVOT_TURN_RATE: 30 °/sec (I want a slow pivot turn)
This are the only parameters used in a Pivot turn? is TURN_MAX_G used for limit the pivot turn acceleration? Do I need to tune that parameter too? It’s not mentioned in the wiki now.
On another hand, do I need to switch to rover 4? Does it have better skid steer boat control?