Do I need to recalibrate ESC and radio after flashing new version of the firmware?

I’m working on a custom version of the ardupilot firmware. Since I’m testing my code, I reflash the firmware almost everyday.

My question is:
Do I need to recalibrate ESC and radio after each time I flash a new version of the firmware?
Or, are the calibration coefficient not affected by the firmware flashing operation?

Another question:
when I flash the original version of the firmware, after powering the pixhawk, I see that the big led blinks red and blue during gyro calibration.
While, when I flash my custom firmware, this doesn’t happen.

I started from the original repository and my modifications concerns the development of a new flight mode, Therefore, I didn’t touch anything at low level. And I don’t know why the led doesn’t blink during the gyro calibration. Should I worry about that?

Thank you.

Usually unless the release notes specify otherwise, you shouldn’t have to really do anything different. I know between I think 3.2.x and 3.3.x you had to recalibrate accels, levels and compasses.

are the calibration parameters stored on a file not affected by the flashing procedure?

They’re stored onboard but if you want to save parameters you can always save them to a file using Mission Planner before flashing if you have a concern about losing settings.