Do I need to connect DSM2 satellite receiver in Pixhawk?

I have a DSM2 receiver that has a satellite receiver. That satellite is connected in the DSM2 receiver. … _RC_inputs
is a bit unclear:
Am I supposed to disconnect the DSM2 satellite receiver from the DSM2 receiver which will be connected to the pixhawk via the PPM encoder, or should I leave the satellite receiver plugged into the DSM2 receiver?
(I’m hoping it’s the latter, otherwise routing of channels might get complicated)

More generally with my receiver, I’m guessing I could connect just the satellite receiver into the pixhawk and not connect the main DSM2 receiver at all, but using both the main DSM2 receiver and its satellite receiver plugged together should give me better reception, due to the 2 receivers with 2 different antennas, correct?


You have two choices:
Detach the Spektrum Remote Receiver from your full channel receiver and connect it to the SPKT/DSM input on the Pixhawk or:
Keep the Remote Receiver attached to the full channel receiver and buy an PPM encoder to convert the full channel receiver output to PPM for use by the Pixhawk.
The full channel receiver has better range and noise immunity than the Remote Receiver only, but requires the PPM encoder.
Do not separate the Remote Receiver from the full channel receiver if you are going to use the full channel receiver and the PPM encode.