Do I need the switch and buzzer for my Px4

I’m new to the Pixhawk moving over from APM 2.x. In the getting started guide is says that the switch and Buzzer must be attached. During the set up it didn’t seem to matter if they were installed or not, the buzzer functioned as expected but the switch didn’t seem to change anything when pressed.
I am asking as I want the same set up as I had with my APM’s everything boots when I connect the battery and everything shut down when I disconnect the battery.
Is that possible with the PX4?
Thanks in advance,

You dont need the switch its just a safety thing… You just need to change your params

You definitely don’t need the buzzer. I just find it loud and annoying on the bench and never hear it on the copter. I do use it on a rover.

As for the safety switch, that stops any PWM signals going to the motors until you press and hold it in for a few seconds. This means that you cannot accidentally arm and take-off without that button pressed. It’s your choice if you want to disable it, but it a useful feature if you need that requirement.

Cheers Guys,

Switch and buzzer gone. I’m using it in my ArduBoat so neither help in my application. I can see the logic of both but just not for this application.

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