Do I need calibrate ESC every time?

I build drone on F450 frame.
have a few questions, the answers to which are already a couple of days I can not find …
I purchased such components.
APM 2.8
Hobby-Ace Ublox GPS Module Built-in Compass GPS Folding Antenna Mount Holder for FPV Multirotor Quadcopter
ESC - some strange, without BEC I suppose:
4PCS ARRIS 2-6S 30AMP 30A SimonK firmware OPTO Brushless ESC for RC Quad Multicopter
OPTO - means without BEC, but I have a Power Module - APM is powered from it.
Dshot® APM 2.5.2 2.6 Current Sensor Power Module Cable Xt60 Plug
Quad Motor:
Crazepony® 4pcs Emax Mt2213 935kv Brushless Motor with Orignal 1045 Propller for DJI F450 F550 Quad Hex Octo Copter 2CW 2CCW
Tattu 2s-5s 2305 2450KV motors;
Remote Conrol - Flysky FS-i6, RX - FS-IA6
all assembled and started setting up.
Downloaded Mission Planner - 1.3.39 build 1.1.6038.12291
at the beginning, during first connection to the win7 it did not find drivers for Arduino Mega 2560 and I had install it from Arduino 1.6.10 distribution
I connected APM 2.8 via USB and see that the firmware version ArduCopter V3.2.1 (36b405fb)
I noticed than I can’t upgrade the firmware to version 3.3 as proposed by the Mission Planner.
I found that APM 2.8 do not upgrade to this version of the firmware.
Then I calibrated accelerometer, compass, RC, and came to the ESC calibration phase.
in many manuals and videos say that ESC should beep about the number of cells in the battery - but my ESC’s doesn’t work in than way.
Also I incidentally found information that some ESC can work in different ways.

So my main question is about the ESC and based on my attempt to calibrate the ESC. The following occurs:

  • I turn on the RC, it say me that I need set Throttle to the bottom. I do it. Then raise it to the very top.
  • Plug Power Module to the APM.
  • Connect the battery to the Power Module - hear a double beep and the light bulb in the APM. flashes red and blue on one side and on the other - yellow.
  • Connect the second connector of Power Module to the power distribution board to which the soldered ESC wires - hear the sound of the motors - single long - the ESC ready to calibrate the next time you turn on the power.
  • At the time begins to honk Remote Control - it beeps once every two seconds .
  • Unplug the Power Module on board with ESC.
  • RC stops beep with 2 sec interval.
  • Re-connect PM to board with ESC - single long beep from the motors and followed by another, but short - - in theory this means that the ESC calibrated upper value Throttle.
  • RC starts beep with 2 sec interval.
  • Put Throttle to the bottom - hear two short and one long beep from the motor - the ESC calibrated the lower value of the Throttle.
  • The most interesting - just move the Throttle up - all 4 engine start spinning. While I was playing motors, RC stops to beep, but after some time again begins. I think these signals is “simple” battery this reminder?
    The main issue:
    I can turn off the RC and back on again and the motor will spin when I turn Throttle.
    But if I disconnect the battery from the Power Module or just disconnect only board with ESC - next time I connect the battery, I have again do the “calibration”, otherwise the motors willnot spinning.
    I supposed that after adjustment and calibration, I just connect the battery before the flight and turn Throttle and the drone will take off.
    But it even doesn’t turn the motors, like it had forgotten all the settings.
    But accelerometer, compass and RC calibration seems saved - it can be seen in the Mission Planner APM when connected to a computer.
    I also read that OPTO ESC does not need to be calibrated at all … but still the question remains - why when I connect the battery, I can’t turn the motors?
    Thank you for reading this stream of thought, I do not know how else to describe everything, so I write in such detail.
    Any advice would be helpful.

With the props off turn on the remote move stick to the top power up craft. unplug battery and reconnect LED will flash red hit " ARM " and drop the stick.

I didn’t get you correctly ! But after connecting the battery, you will have to ARM the copter to make the motors spin .

Hi, You need to press the ARM button and then drop the Throttle during calibration.

Hi, where can I find the ARM button in APM 2.8 ?

As far as I can remember, 3.5 does not fit on apm 2.8. you have to load 3.2.1…There is no safety switch on the apm 2.8 . you can skip that part. just switch your radio on , then throttle high. plug battery in, wait a few seconds.unplug and replug battery again. wait for esc beeps cell count, lower throttle and your done, escs calibrated. To Arm the copter you need to hold throttle and yaw completely to the right.

sorry I mean down and to the right

Find the reset button on the APM 2.8…then follow this: