Do I have to change GPS Parameter in Mission Planner?

I just tried to success follow me mode. But I failed…

I used tower application and arducopter 3.5.5 .

Even My drone was crashed on ground and My one of motor also was broken…

I think that It was unnecessary to fly my drone anymore without another people’s advise.

Plz Help Me… I can control drone with Poshold Mode, And change drone’s location.

but i cant success follow-me mode…

i heard that it can’t control on arducopter 3.5.7 version.

so i installed 3.5.2 version and 3.5.5… but it can’t

Try Arducopter 3.6.0-rc7 ChibiOS version.

The bug is on the tower application, not on the arducopter firmware.

Thank you very much!! By the way, Do you know tower apllication what can use follow me mode?

Sorry I do not know about any GCS that can do that. All of them have some sort of bug or do not support all of the “follow me” features provided by the code.

Because of that we coded and use our own GCS (based on MavProxy).

I can’t understand that !!.. Can I use Follow me mode with Mission Planner and past Tower Application??.. :frowning: