Do I have a sporadically failing cube? How would I prove this is the issue to myself?

Hi all

I’m beginning to wonder if I just have a slightly off cube(plane 3.8.4). Any hints on how to prove it’s where my problems are?

I’ve been fighting to get a plane reliable for months now and it’s always just strange things going wrong such that I have almost zero confidence flying it now. It was configured and sold to me as ready to go but…

This morning - latest oddity - on launch it failed to start the prop, I tried twice. AccX exceeds 15 (TKOFF_THR_MINACC), AccX is the same on multiple sensors, flightplan and mode all look correct, and I can’t see any obv errors and no FS is triggered. This is the first time I’ve had this issue. Log is here

Other things to have gone wrong previously:

  1. For many flights it’s lost GCS heartbeat almost as soon as it gets in the air (I’ve now increased power available to RDF onboard, and added some shielding to onboard power cables - not sure if this has helped as this morning was to test that but no flights

  2. Sometimes on FS it’s behaved as I expect (failsafes and lands) but many other times it hasn’t eg: doesn’t go to DO_LAND_START but just circles where it is/goes to a random waypoint and circles there.

  3. Once it just dumped itself in a random spot on the ground ~300m from given landing point - that time it just ignored all way points &RTL configs and went straight to dumping itself in random spot. Thankfully in a field

  4. A couple times it’s just ignored some of the waypoints and done half the mission. I’ve had both case where it did 1st half and not 2nd and vice versa

  5. Another repeatable issue - when I configure it to use RTK I’m guaranteed to get the lost GCS heatbeat issue.

  6. Randomly my RDF connection will be incredible slow - I always know this is going to cause GCS no heart beat issue - it often does without even getting off the ground even when radios are <10m apart (yes I’ve experimented with different distances it’s not just them being too close). Sometime a couple of reboot cycles fixes this.

Because of (5 &6) I’ve been focusing on telem signal issues (and maybe the RDFs are the problem) but after this morning I’ve started wondering if it might be the cube - perhaps a sporadic memory reading issue?

I’ve had 1 completely successful flight ever and that was without RTK.

So does anyone have any smart ideas on how I could prove it’s Cube/Radio/interference at my field/other? I have a spare Cube and/or RDF radios I could put in but would like some reason to explain why it would be either before I start randomly swapping out hardware.