DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL Param 5 dafault is 0, should it be 1?

When I draw a polygon and create a Survey (Grid) using DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL, the default value of parameter 5, “Shooting Command”, in the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command is 0. When I use CAM_TRIGG_DIST, the autopilot firmware generates the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL messages, and sets parameter 5 to 1. I believe the desired value is 1, to indicate a picture should be triggered.

Is there a reason parameter 5 defaults to 0 in Mission Planner? I am developing a MAVLink compliant camera, and would like it to work seamlessly with Mission Planner. In prototypes, I have deviated from my interpretation of the MAVLink spec to take a picture regardless of the value of parameter 5, but this harms future compatibility as the other parameters become more commonly used.

Thank you.

I will add the default to be 1

I’m having the same issue. Can param 1 and 5 default be set to 1? Or, is it possible to set the default myself for these params on the survey grid setup page under Trigger method. Right now I have to edit param 1 and 5 manually after generating my survey grid. Thank you in advance.

I will fix this.

I have the same issue. When i plan a mapping mission by “AutoWp - Survey (grid)” the default for param 5 of DO_DIGICAM CONTROL is = 0 and the camera does not shot. If i manually put 1 in all fields 5 then the camer correctly shut.

Could you correct this bug ?
I use MP 1.3.34 (the last version).
Is possibile to edit manually the default for this parameter?
Thank you