DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL not working in Plane 3.6 missions

I’m having a problem with the mission command DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL in Plane 3.6. When flying a mission, the command DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL does not trigger the servo/camera. My plane has a servo configured as a camera shutter that I am using as a cargo release mechanism. I believe it is configured properly in my plane because I can trigger the servo by pressing the “trigger camera now” button in mission planner “actions”. When I trigger it manually (with mission planner), the servo works perfectly, my cargo is released, and I see the little green circle appear on the mission planner map where it was triggered. That button works while the plane is on the ground and while it’s flying.

I’m a newbie, but to troubleshoot the issue myself I have analyzed the dataflash and telemetry log files. I see that it would benefit from navigation tuning, but the waypoint associated with the drop is achieved. At the point in the mission of the programmed DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL, I get the message that the camera command ran (#203), but the servo does not move and there is no indication given of the event on the image of the map. I use this same mission command in the same way on my hexacopter (3.3.3) and it works perfectly. It is programmed in the same way. The only difference that I recognize is that on the hexacopter I plug the servo into Aux1 (RC9) and in plane it is connected to Main 7 (RC7). What I have read on Plane is that all of the outputs are the same (except Aux5 &6 for relays), so this shouldn’t matter.

My setup description - a Bix3 with a 3DR Pixhawk (not a clone), firmware version 3.6, a 3DR compass/gps module, running mission planner on Windows 10 (current version), taranis radio and a 3DR telemetry radio.

Is there a bug in the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command in Plane that prevents action or is there something I’m missing?

The relevant files located in Dropbox - -

the bin file, the telemetry file from my ground station, the waypoint mission file, a screen capture of the mission flight, the parameters of my plane. The data files are large. The “mission” is just the first part of the flight - the initial climb, fly around the pattern, and decent to trigger the camera, or “drop” in my case. After the autonomous drop didn’t work I manually triggered it and dropped the cargo. Then I handed the remote to my daughter to let her get some practice flying. She had more fun than me that day. I tried this on at least 4 flights in the same afternoon with no successful programmed drops.

Thanks for any tips, corrections, or advice!


I think you made a mistake when providing the logs/tlogs. The tlog and DF logs refer to very different GPS coordinates. The DF log shows no signs of any attempt to trigger the camera. And I can’t extract a valid mission out of the tlog.

Thanks for taking the time to review the files!

First, I’ve replaced the .bin file with a different one from the same day/place. I made sure it matched the time stamp for the telemetry file. Sorry I used the wrong one first, but that “wrong” one was at the same field, same day, and same mission attempted. I don’t know what to do about your other comments - here are the best explanations I can give.

I’m not sure how the GPS coordinates could be way off. All of these flights were at the same field - I’ve never flown a Pixhawk plane at a different location, so that can’t be off.

There is most certainly a mission in that Tlog file. The JPEG included in dropbox shows a screen capture from that file. It shows the waypoints, the path flown, and the messages given during the flight. There you can see the waypoints were achieved and command #203 ran, but no camera trigger was given.

I also included a file for the mission waypoints and commands and the parameters for my plane. Would you please take another look? — FYI I had to get the dataflash log straight from the micro sd card - I couldn’t use mission planner and a usb cable because the download wouldn’t work properly. I assumed it was because the files were too big.


So I guess this issue isn’t interesting enough to get a curious investigator?? I really think there is a problem with the command - only in plane. It works fine for me in copter.