DO_digicam_control no longer functions (cant take picutres)


I opened a topic on Github /mission planner(1135) about this as well but this maybe as much of a 3.5 issue as it is mission planner…

Using my primary method of mission planning:

  1. draw polygon
  2. Auto WP / survey (grid)
  3. DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL in camera config tab

This generates a mission but the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL option has “Shutter CMD” set to 0 by default…looking at the 100s of past missions I have created it appears that they were set to 0 as well (or this never existed back then but shows up now???) Either way with this “Shutter CMD” set to 0 it will not trigger the camera. If I change this value to 1 it does trigger the camera but also causes the flight path line in the flight data tab to move to like gps point 0,0 or something like that…this only occurs once the mission is loaded to the plane…however it still follows the correct path but this is no good.

first of all I cant change a 0 to a 1 300 times just to fly a mission that wont work this needs to be automatic.

second I cant have my flight paths heading off to africa…even if the plane tracks the proper course…if a mistake was made I would not be able to tell ahead of time.

finally if the “shutter CMD” value must be 1 then all the 100s of flight plans I had saved are junk now and ill have to redo them all…

Any help on this would be great…I have no idea why im the first to bring this up…that worries me a bit.

Thanks again