Do-Digicam-Control does not work after landing

I need help please. I have a mission in which the quad lands at a waypoint, then needs to take a photo using “Do-Digicam-Control”. The quad then takes off and does a RTL. Everything works but not the “Do-Digicam-Control” command.
If I manually trigger the shutter, or use “Do_Set_Cam_Trig_Dist”, the shutter servo works. But I do need it to take one picture only, once it has landed.
Any advice would be appreciated.
PS Copter V4.3.2 on pixhawk.

Are you using Mission Planner? Read It is already fixed in latest MP beta.

It seems the latest beta is an appx file, which is new to me. As far as I can see it works for win 8 and win 10.
I am using win7 and would not like to downgrade to 8 or 10. Is there any option for win7?

I’m not sure where you saw that, but you can upgrade to the beta version from within Mission Planner. Just to the Help page and check for BETA updates.

Thank you… You are a star…