This could be an interesting bug, or more likely, a huge facepalm moment for me. But I would appreciate help either way.

AUTO mission is to take off, fly a circuit around a field, land, drop a payload using DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL, take off, fly the same circuit again, land. WPNav speed is set to 8m/s, which is flow for the first circuit. However upon landing #1, two things happen:

Servo on RCOUT 7 does not actuate
WPNav speed decreases to approximately 1.9m/s

I have used this land-dropoff-takeoff sequence plenty of times, but using APM and of course AC3.2.1. It was an unexpected but very cool ability to program into a mission, and it worked flawlessly.

On log 1, I noted that the servo did not actuate, and I flipped to RTL almost immediately upon recognizing this slowdown behavior. On log 2, I did manually actuate the servo a moment after takeoff (ie: decidedly after the mission should have actuated it, but failed), and I let it fly slowly to the next waypoint to see if the speed picked up there, which it didn’t.

I don’t know if the servo fail + speed change is connected, but it seems suspicious. Super weird! Could you have a look?

Links to files: log 1, log 2, waypoints