Do cam distance issue

So currently MP starts taking photos after take off and back to the landing point as well as the desired grid (using survey grid 1 or 2). Being these beginning and end legs vary altitude, the images break Pix4dMapper’s rule of not halving or doubling the ground sampling distance. What’s the best way to fix this? Delete the Cam set trip dist command after takeoff and reinsert it after the first waypoint of the actual grid and then again immediately after the last grid waypoint? This would be a great fix for the V2 survey grid function (along with overlap %) : )

I was going out to try this and realized the Do Cam trig dist is right after the last waypoint of the photogrammetry grid. So that means it will keep taking photos until it reaches the landing point even though the command is right after the last waypoint of the grid. Weird.