Do all Microhard Radios support mavlink?

I came across a range of frequencies from microhard 400Mhz-2.4GHz. Now the commonly used radio is their p900 for pixhawk hardwarwe. I wonder if it is possible to use other radios from them like p400 p2400 etc?

My experience is that Microhard radios are autopilot/telemetry agnostic, what I mean with that is as long as the microhard radio has a serial port or ethernet to interface with the pixhawk it does not care if it is mavlink or some other telemetry protocol.

Depending on the Microhard radio it probably has a serial port that could connect directly to the pixhawk hardware (might need some rs232 to ttl converter).
put a companion computer over serial to the pixhawk (such as a raspberry pi running mavlink-router) then connect the microhard over ethernet to the companion computer.

The frequency of the microhard does not matter in regards to pixhawk or mavlink, it’s more interface options to the pixhawk.
I use the microhard pmddl2450 and the pmddl900 as well as 1.8ghz version with pixhawk hardware, please note these are all digital radios compared to the analog p900 but the above statement still complies to the p900 or p400 radios.


Hi Alex,

I am also using pmddl900 radios, I am using a raspberry Pi with Mavproxy to redirect messages to ethernet port. What I find is that on startup the download of parameters takes for ever. It is like there are multiple collisions or something, have you experienced this? If yours works well could you share your setup on the pmDDL’s and the pixhawk.



I use the serial on the pixhawk at 921600 and parameters are quite fast.
Do you have any issues with drop outs and short range? I used to use a couple of pmddl 2450 and ropot were very frequent.

HI Thanks for the reply, I have not been using serial port, I have got a raspberry pi with Mavproxy but on connection it takes for ever to down load the parameters. There were similar issues on some of the threads regarding the 3DR SIk radios jamming up on startup as well. I will try the serial port connection.
I have had drop outs but only in close proximity with high power levels, once I dropped the power alot of that went away, I assume it was being saturated with reflected noise.

Hi Alex!
Just got hold of n920X2 radios from microhard! I have connected one with pixhawk cubeilpot via level shifter!l and its working fine with correct baud rate setting! Programmed the similar radio gor ground as slave! The radios get connected however i am unable to connect mission planner! Following has been done

  1. Baud rate set for Serial1 port
  2. Radios configured as Master Slave in PTP config
  3. Ground module conencted directly to moxa Nport 1150 of computer with correct baud rate setting
  4. Com port settings changed in device manager!

Any suggestions?