DJI S800evo tips over at start with pixhawk

I hav done all calibrations but when i start the copter leans over and i dont dare to take off.
I have not changed any tuning parameters.
Anyone that have had similar problems?


I got similar problem with S1000.
DJI motor wiring isn’t the same as APM/pixhawk.
Follow Connect ESCs and Motors — Copter documentation
And use mission planner Motor test feature to check that your motor are in the good place and turn in the good direction !

Yes, i have done that.
I rewinded, doublechecked the motors.
The motor test feature? I have not seen that (Newbe)
Can i test individual motors with mission planner?
…must check…

scroll down and you will see motor test .
You can test each motor individually ! ( On S1000, I need about 10% throttle to be sure that the motor will spin)

1000 thanks! I really apreciate your help. I will test that.

Have you used pixhawk default data for your DJI 1000, or have you changed something prior to first flight?
I am using Devo F12E as transmitter and RX1202 as reciever. I had to reverse all channels in order to get the right movement for Control actions…when i moved Control stick left the bar graf in mission planner went right. (Same for up/down) Therefore i had to reverse them. Height should be reverse.
I also have had big difficulties with Compass deviation between pixhawk and external Compass…not sure that Everything is ok there. I’ll get back when i have done all calibrations again.