DJI S1000 Motor setup

Hey im converting my S1000 to pixhawk right now.

the S1000 looks like this:

pixhawk wants motor inputs like this:

so i just logicaly changed motor inputs:

pix ; DJI
1 ; 1
2 ; 5
3 ; 8
4 ; 6
5 ;2
6 ; 4
7 ; 3
8 ; 7

hope thats correct.

but on problem is still there, motors turn directions are not correct (reversed for every prop) is it possibel to chance that in software?


You can possibly change it in the ESC firmware if you have access to that. I have done that using BlHeli suite. The only other way of course is to reverse 2 motor leads.

Take the arms off the frame and swap them around or swap any 2 wires between the ESC and motor. Swapping the arms is the way to go.

Or, you can start with DJI motor No 2 as your Pixhawk no 1 and go around.
Just place the PixHawk so that DJI M2 an M3 are forward instead of M1 and M2.
Just my 2c.