DJI OSD - RSSI only shows 99 or 0?

I got around to checking if my LQ/RSSI value in the OSD works and I observed the OSD shows either 99 if I have 100% strength, or 0 if I have <100% strength.

I have RSSI_TYPE=2. CRSF RX is set to output LQ on channel 6 and I can see the PWM value track in the radio tab.

It’s easy to reproduce this by adjusting the RSSI_CHAN_HIGH to be below or above the output value.

I’m running the firmware from #18689 so it’s at least up to 4.1-RC2

I don’t reproduce this with an earlier test build I had flashed on my other quad. I can’t recall what was the branch it was built (maybe this is a copter 4.1 vs master difference). I’ll wait for the next RC release of 4.1 that picks up PR18689 or do some regression search later…

Hi, issue is confirmed, it’s only in master and…its my fault :slight_smile:
this is the PR to fix it

Hi, master is fixed :slight_smile:

Great, thank you for fixing this :slight_smile:

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