Dji mini2 rc to control ardupilot copter

Is that possible?

Can you buy a Receiver for that system that outputs an Ardupilot recognized protocol? Sbus, PPM, etc.

Hi Dave!
I still did not find it. Maybe I should ask that on Dji forum.

You won’t find one.

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I found one, DR-16 receiver, but D-Bus output

I also found one receiver,FrSky 2.4GHz ACCST R-XSR, with S-Bus output, but not sure
if it can handle controller (Dji) output signal

That won’t work with an Occusync controller. And neither will any Frysky, or anyone else’s, Rx.

There is no solution.

OK, there is always a solution (I’m an optimistic engineer). So, here is what you do:
Buy a used Mini2 on eBay and tear it apart. Reverse engineer the mainboard and determine where the RC control signals are. Then design and build a protocol converter to get these signals into something that Ardupilot can accept.
And there you go! Write a forum post about the adventure and be a hero :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well … that’s quite a challenge.

Don’t they use fast SBUS? Pretty sure its possible to read RC input from a DJI air unit

Air unit yea it looks like. Sbus or fast Sbus. Will a DJI Air unit work with a Mini2 controller?

Absolutely no idea - but worth investigating

I will try dji forum to check that Andy.

Clearly the Pro controller does and the FPV Controller but some of the other model controllers are not compatible with other DJI models. Found that out when selling a Mavic Air Controller after losing the craft in a river.

Hi Dave.

In place of rever engineer I found the main processing board doc:

I figure that Atheros AR1021X-CL3D FK915KXL is the wifi module do receive rc info.

Maybe this one:

Still did not figure if there is any output that can be useful on ardupilot

Output is USB.
Found that decoders:

Is that a solution to use Dji mini 2 controlller with ardupilot (e.g. pixhawk)?