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DJI Mavic Series

Hello, what do you think, theoretically, how hard can it be to port Ardupilot or PX4 to DJI’s Mavic series devices?


It is impossible. Mavic are closed source.

You will need to write a a bootloader for starters…

Well that’s why I want to have an open source option for it. Mavics have very nice hardware, but the software/firmware is closed so it’s not fun.

There is a good community of reverse engineers working on DJI products firmware and there is good general understanding of its parts and how it works. They are able to disable/enable/hack some of its parts.

If the hardware and the components are known, it’s only a matter of porting to their microprocessor, and maybe writing a couple of new drivers for Mavic’s sensors if we don’t have them in Ardupilot’s code already.

It would be awesome to have the DJI hardware available for ardupilot use. Personally I think the most useful would actually be to get the gimbals/cameras working and available for non-dji systems.

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