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DJI FPV Telemetry osd?

I complied the code, put it on Arduino, and use the above diagram.

Are there some special steps involved?

This works for me, which Arduino are you using?

Not really, in the ino make sure to setup the few defines at the beginning, the latest version is for 0500 which is great because it adds home arrow and distance to home and a few other things.
Mavlink is 1 and set at 57600. Try powering the goggles before and after powering air unit.

I am using Arduino Nano V3.0 ATmega328

Can you put some instructions together? I am very new to Arduino no idea what you are talking about :slight_smile:

No problem, I’m off to work now but will run through it when I get back home and take a couple of pics.

Thanks or a quick video showing all steps…I think people can benefit from it on You tube.

Again are you using the Ocusync FPV system as if you are it is not compatible.

This code is for the Digital FPV system not the Ocusync FPV. They are not the same and don’t have the same functionally.

Using DJI FPV, not Occusync.

The new one with the silver air unit ?

Not this air unit

@ukmook Thanks to him, he is putting a proper instruction guide.

It should just work as per that guide. I have a video on it Iv just been finishing walking through the Process but it’s basically upload the sketch and then set the osd positions and it’s good to go.

I’ve tested this all on the bench and it’s been fine for me with Arduno UNO

The biggest issues is people don’t always add the library files to their ide so it gives a compile error.

Hi it’s not finished yet, I’ll do the wiring guide today and make it read a bit better,
If you want to link to the guide I’ve written in the vid that’s ok with me.
Arduino can be a bit fiddly if your not used to it, anyway it might help some people.


Finished the document, if there are any issues let me know.


This is very well done. I was literally 80% there but you have smashed this out the park. I will refer people to this tbh as you have laid it out far tidier than I had.

Thank you it wasn’t too bad to do, although forgot to put the important one in there of setting telem1 or 2 to mavlink 1 @57600…also there is a typo and a point wrong in the mission planner section, but it’s only a small thing.
I’ll rectify it in the morning.

So OSD with DJI FPV works with Betaflight and INAV but not Ardupilot? Or there is a way to get it with Ardupilot?

The above Arduino solution is the way around to make it work with Ardupilot FC such as Pxk1 cube etc.

I see. Excellent. I think this is great.

I’m working at the MSP protocol implementation, which also supports the DJI FPV goggles, and would like some feedback. There’s a dedicated thread here, you’re welcome to join the discussion!


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