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DJI FPV Telemetry osd?

Any chance there is a way to get telemetry osd going with the new dji fpv goggles system.
The view is just too good. I have it all working through sbus on a airbot nano f4v6 in a nano goblin and have connected the osd rx tx but nhave no idea re settings if its supported or any idea really. would be amazing to get osd working. any ideas?

This would be fantastic for many users of possible.

The original Ocusync Air system added Support for Mavlink and that meant it was compatible but that came later. Here and now it’s been not response on Mavlink support for the new FPV System so to enable this you would need MSP to be added Ardupilot.

Now there is an option for using an Arduino and this code to convert

However I’m really not sure this is going to happen natively as Mavlink is where this is at in Ardupilot, I would love to see Support and would be more than willing to test this and help where I could not the dev time I suspect does not warrant the result.

Mavlink has been requested for the FPV but im not sure DJI will implement this time.

Is it really that difficult to add MSP support to ardupilot? Supporting this 3rd Party FPV/TX would be a GREAT addition.

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