DJI FPV Telemetry osd?

Any chance there is a way to get telemetry osd going with the new dji fpv goggles system.
The view is just too good. I have it all working through sbus on a airbot nano f4v6 in a nano goblin and have connected the osd rx tx but nhave no idea re settings if its supported or any idea really. would be amazing to get osd working. any ideas?

This would be fantastic for many users of possible.

The original Ocusync Air system added Support for Mavlink and that meant it was compatible but that came later. Here and now it’s been not response on Mavlink support for the new FPV System so to enable this you would need MSP to be added Ardupilot.

Now there is an option for using an Arduino and this code to convert

However I’m really not sure this is going to happen natively as Mavlink is where this is at in Ardupilot, I would love to see Support and would be more than willing to test this and help where I could not the dev time I suspect does not warrant the result.

Mavlink has been requested for the FPV but im not sure DJI will implement this time.

Is it really that difficult to add MSP support to ardupilot? Supporting this 3rd Party FPV/TX would be a GREAT addition.


so inav has dji osd it is working with home arrow and speed, tested today. can we have it for ardu please. pretty please. im happy with inav on my nano goblin but my goblin is another matter only trust ardu. you guys rock and id love some 300+kph hd with osd hook us up!

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It’s unlikely to see Mavlink in the DJI system direct now however there is a concerted code for Arduino that allows you to convert from Mavlink to MSP. I just updated the Digital Video wiki on this a few days ago in fact,.


Ian, I posted a question on Github not being able to load the code on Arduino. can you take a look at it?

Sorry been tired up. What Arduino you using ?

Did you get it sorted ? I can see your having Library errors.

I think i was confusing myself. This Arduino solution is for DJI FPV Goggles, not the DJI RE and Occusync full telemetry support. so…there is no solution for Occusync other than Ardupilot team develop a full MSP support Lua script for DJI occusync system.

We need people to chip in toward development cost. if you know people who are interested, please have them contact @iampete

So far there are 2 people willing to chip in money. we need more…

The is DJI Ocusync System is close to being EOL, this is really no good reason to implement the MSP Support for it now as it’s a dead end.

I’m forgetting but it’s only VERY minor differences on its Mavlink vs MSP support as it is.

Both the new Digital FPV system and the upcoming Fat Shark Shark Bite System is what really needs support is Ardu as these are the future Digital FPV systems.

On the DJI the “custom OSD” via MSP is what needs Support but that’s a much bigger task than just implementing MSP as it also requires the UI in the GS to be able to configure the OSD elements and position.

For this to really work it will need Mission Planner to have the same OSD functionally as Both Inav and Betaflight configurator.

I really don’t know how feasible any of this is and only @Michael_Oborne and @iampete could really answer that.

If there was an idea of cost to make this happen I may be able to push it along with the channel a bit.

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IAN if Occusync is EOL then I agree no point of adding MSSP Support for it.

There is a price proposal out there. @iampete can add you to the discussion. We should make DJI to chip in :slight_smile:

What alternatives do we have for long range HDV video besides Herelink that are cost effective?

It really depends on what your looking for.

With Mavlink Support the ones I know of are

Herelink as it is today
Herelink Modules both sides (to come in the future)
Sky-Droid Smart Link

I do know CUAV have a system but I have not used it.

On the FPV side it’s now boiled down to DJI and Fatshark as the other HD contenders are for the most part out of it.

The advantage to the Fatshark and DJI MSP method is it’s just data and OSD position info but Ardu is going to need to catchup with how it’s being done. It don’t require the out and out drag and drop of OSD but it’s going to need prams for each piece of OSD info for it to be able to set position. Or they fix it. .

The bigger question here really is how far Ardupilot want to go to add support for the new FPV world that’s developing. Imo it’s very important and needs to be given priority but there will be many opinions on these things. I don’t see DJI being willing to fund it my self as they’re primarily market for those systems are Betaflight. Inav had to rewrite their code to make that compatible and while DJI did give them some info to help them I’m not sure there was any money involved.

Really any thought of if they want it they can pay for it won’t happen and this is going to either need Dev support or community funding to make this happen.

I’m more than willing to help In any way I can.

Besides herelink there are many other choices:

  1. We are developing one. But it will not be ready till 2021:)
  3. ( I think out of business)
  4. We have 4G/5G LTE solutions.

There are few more…

yes, I agree Ardupilot team is overlooking this area…

I gave up trying to get this solution to work.

is anyone successful so far?

I complied the code, put it on Arduino, and use the above diagram.

Are there some special steps involved?

This works for me, which Arduino are you using?

Not really, in the ino make sure to setup the few defines at the beginning, the latest version is for 0500 which is great because it adds home arrow and distance to home and a few other things.
Mavlink is 1 and set at 57600. Try powering the goggles before and after powering air unit.

I am using Arduino Nano V3.0 ATmega328

Can you put some instructions together? I am very new to Arduino no idea what you are talking about :slight_smile:

No problem, I’m off to work now but will run through it when I get back home and take a couple of pics.

Thanks or a quick video showing all steps…I think people can benefit from it on You tube.

Again are you using the Ocusync FPV system as if you are it is not compatible.

This code is for the Digital FPV system not the Ocusync FPV. They are not the same and don’t have the same functionally.