DJI FPV camera and controller setup

Ok I know DJI is a dirty word but their fpv goggles and tiny camera are something to behold!

Has anyone any experience with this piece of kit?

I am trying to setup the included DJI handset to control an ardupilot rover using an f405 wing fc.

I’ve connected the sbus port from the camera transceiver module to the sbus port on the f405 and I’m not getting anything in the RC calibration window, the frsky receiver I’ve taken off worked perfectly. I’ve tried fiddling with the settings in the DJI end by swapping from normal to sbus high rate and back and nothing seems to work.

Is there something else here I’m not considering re compatibility? Anyone else tried this and had any luck with it?

You can actually use your FRsky stuff and just use the DJI FPV for video. There really isn’t a need to use the DJI controller when you can have way more channels and buttons with your FRSky gear still in place. I do not have this gear but know from some FPV stuff I have watched and read that this is an option. Read the Docs for the DJI stuff and it should show you how to do this.


Thanks for the reply. I’m well aware that I could use the taranis alongside the DJI fpv system but our aim is to reduce systems and if the DJI product has sbus we’d like to use it. Challenge is to figure out how as it doesn’t appear to work.

For completeness I can confirm that the DJI fpv system does work with a pixhawk using sbus. Osd not tested.

Make sure that in the headset menus the protocol is set to standard and then rebind handset and air unit.