DJI F550 FLAME WHEEL w/ ArduCopter v2.6

Hi all,

I am new to the world of copters/multirotors; I just bought a kit with a F550 hexacopter frame with an ArduCopter v2.6 controller and a Devo F7 FPV kit.

I installed the latest version of Mission Planner (v1.3.30) and it sees the controller and uploads the latest compatible firmware (v3.2.0 or so); however, nonetheless in step 2 of 16 of the wizard I can select the correct multirotor frame (standard hexacopter, not the Y6B type), in step 4 of 16 the only hexarotor frame available is the Y6B…

I googled around a bit and discovered that the latest firmware completely tested on my controller is v3.1.5; I managed also to flash it on my controller using the modified Arduino IDE, but the behaviour of APM doesn’t change… nonetheless I deny the permission to install the latest compatible firmware, APM doesn’t show my frame in step 4 of 16…

Please, can anyone clarify me this aspect of APM? Is there a previous version of APM on which I can select a “normal” hexacopter in step 4 of 16?

Thanks in advance for any hint.

Francesco - Italy