Dji F450 with Apm 2.6 ver. 3.2.1 wont lift off in any mode


I have a problem with my quad.

If i try to lift off in any mode like loiter or alt hold to quad stops responding at trottle as sone i pass 50% trottle, It then trottle down a little bit but after that i have no controll over trottle and no lift off. I can then only dissarm with my computer connected tru bluetooth.

If i try to lift off in stabilize it flips backvards as sone i go over 50% trottle.

It flew fine before but some days ago this problem started.

I have callibrated everything without any change.

Anyone knows what can be wrong? Thanks…

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

here is the tlog i found, hope it helps… on this date it was losing trottle respons and i was not able to turn the quad of. the logs from today is to big to upload here :frowning: