DJI F450 ESC calibration fail

Did you disable the safety switch as I suggested? How are you trying to arm it?

I’ve pressed the safety switch and see that it responds (“Radio Failsafe - Disarming” in messages, switch stops blinking.) Is there anything else I need to do to arm it?

Of course there is:

Gotcha. When I hold the throttle down and the rudder right for five seconds, I get “pre-arm: logging failed”. I’m also seeing this: “Battery level: 0V” in the pre-flight screen, though my battery is fully charged.

Do you have an Sd Card installed? I’ll have to repeat what Oldgazer said, read the Wiki. This is all basic stuff.

RADIO FAILSAFE Pixhawk does not see a valid signal from the RC receiver and has triggered a fail safe
HARDWARE SAFETY SWITCH You must either disable the switch if you do not have one or you must press the switch to make it stop blinking before you can arm the motors.
Battery level: 0V the Battery monitor is not functioning properly, the Battery monitor is not enabled in Setup > Optional Hardware > Battery Monitor HINT: If you had the Battery monitor installed and configured properly you would see voltage and current being displayed in the lower left corner of the HUD window…

You REALLY need to read the documentation…

Thank you for all your help. I’ve got the preflight done, the drone is responding to the throttle. However, it won’t take off-it tips over to the right. I’ve double checked that the motors are spinning in the proper directions (CCW-CW-CCW-CW) and that the propellers are of the proper orientation (1045R for CW, 1045 for CCW,) and recalibrated the ESCs. What else should I be checking?

Closing this topic, opening a new one. Thank you for your help, again.