Dji a2 vs cuav v5+ vibration

I am writing from a translator
Good afternoon, I have a large drone 1400mm, on an aluminum frame. Problems with vibrations. Holybro pixhawk 4 flight controller, motor t-m p80 III, prop t-m mf 3016. Friends suggested putting dji a2 because it already has built-in vibration isolation and showed that dji a2 is being fixed with such drones. I look towards cuav v5 +. MAYBE WHO FOUND THESE CONTROLLERS AS THEY ARE UNDERSTANDING VIBRATIONS???. What is better to use dji a2 or cuav v5+???
or maybe I need to pay attention to some other flight controller? which can hold the 1400 mm frame

I have both controllers. On the A2 I have no idea how to see what you have for vibrations. It’s a much more closed system.

The CUAV V5+ Also has internal IMU dampening. However there is only so much those systems can dampen.

On what axis is your vibrations? Are you using an anti vibration plate under your flight controller?

Yes, I use an anti-vibration plate, the vibrations begin along all axes, the copter rises by 1 m and starts to fool, after which I finish the flight

Post a log, from your description sounds like bad pids

As you already have the Pixhawk4, as @Corrado_Steri suggests, it would be a good idea to try and diagnose your problem first.
Perhaps try the process here:

I write through a translator
pid is normal, I’ll try to show the magazine faster now I’m not next to the machine. Previously, there were no breakdowns on the Chinese carbon frame. Now, even without propellers, the rattle of the motor is visible, with your hand you hold the controller vibration disappears. I give the aluminum a good transmission of low imperceptible vibrations. And for this I want a controller with improved vibration isolation. I’m still not leaving much of the topic of CUAV or CUBE which one is better for large dronne?

You can try cuav X7,but it did not verify after a long flight. pixhack V3X May be a better choice