DJI 2212/920KV & 30A OPTO ESCS Not Spinning

I recently upgraded motors on a F450 with the DJI 2212/920KV & 30A OPTO ESCS. Everything Powers up properly, i get all the proper beeps but the Motors, when the Throttle is Applied just stutter and get very hot. Does any one else have this setup on an APM 2.6 that has gotten this to work?

thanks in advance

I’ve never used those but I hear with those ESCs the throttle range of the tx should be set to 1000-2000. the radio calibration will need to be done again after that.

you might also try reducing the RC-SPEED param to 400 although I would be a bit surprised if the ESC s could not handle the higher rate.

Does this mean the THR_MID,_MAX,_MIN would also have to be adjusted to that range? so my MIN would be 1130, MID 1400, MAX 2000?

thanks for the response, i will have to look into the transmitter range change, not sure how to do that, its a DEVO F7 transmitter.

Just a Short Note, in MP i see the Range for the Radio go from 998 to 2000 already? is that what you mean?

i have come to the conclusion, after about 3 hours of fiddling, that the 2212-920kv motors i got were bad, there was a distinct smell coming from them at first start up. maybe something internal that i couldnt see. i believe the company will replace them, at least i hope so since they are only a day old. thanks for everyones help.