DIYDRONES web site down since 15/04/2016?

From Europe is down since yesterday 15/04 in the afternoon (do not know the precise time).
I thought it was some kind of maintenance period but on 16/04 it is still down with a browser message : "This page can’t be displayed"
What is going on ?

It’s hosted on Ning, which is having some problems:

But I’m using the mobile activity page and it works:

Even the mobile page link you posted does not work from here : a blank page and keeps trying to load the page forever.
Strange that there isn’t an official message on this forum to provide a status on what is going on there.
Anyone from the US reading this post who could confirm if they can reach or is the problem just trying to reach the site from Europe ?

The mobile page can be slow at times, but it’s been working for me. I’m in Portugal, so the problem isn’t in all Europe. They seem to be having a hard time determining where this is caused.

Regarding no official message on this forum: this is the Ardupilot forum, there is no direct association to DIYDrones.

Thx. And did they post a message on diydrones you saw ? Because I’m totally blind here.

Someone opened a topic and the moderator RM Aviation answered:

Hi Cala and Felix,
It’s a network issue with Ning (the forum provider) over the last 2 days. They are investigating but it’s affecting quite a few networks worldwide. It’s still happening with me in Australia, it was affecting the UK yesterday and it seems to be working again for some in RSA. For most it just seems to be the homepage but I am getting the same with other pages occasionally. Hopefully Ning will sort it soon. Cheers mate.

thx for posting this

Hi All,
I believe that you can see the DIYD front page as long as you are not logged in. The other pages appear to work correctly at this time even if you are logged in.

Hi Tom, no, the site is totally unreachable. I tried from various computers and page can’t be displayed . maybe from the US you still get access but from Europe, no access (at least from Belgium)

Hi Hugues,
I have access here in the US with both Chrome and Edge.
I guess that NING has still not got their Network straightened out in Europe yet.:grimacing:

It was on and off for me in South Africa, but appears normal now, Sunday morning Oclock

Still unreachable on Sunday March 17th morning. 3days outage and counting…

Hi everyone, the Ning issues are still ongoing but it seems most people are seeing normal service resume. Despite this intermittent errors are still occurring. It shouldn’t take too long to resolve but we are at the mercy of the Ning support staff.

It seems to be back up for most users now.

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