DIY Mult-channel external LEDs for arducopter

hi all,
This project is for External LEDs and easy DIY, This WS2812 LED controller communitcate with ardupilot with I2C, support Ardupilot firmware ver 3.6 and higher, only test with multicopters, others like Rover, Plane not have test. LEDs only for the popular WS2812, aka Neopixel,only support 3 LEDs every channel.
I test with AC3.6 and the latest AC4.0.3, they all work will, I have not youtube account, so I can’t show the video, maybe some guys made this project can show a video, have fun.

  • LED controller: STM32F103 bluepill or Arduino pro mini
  • LED type: WS2812
  • Muti-channel: 4~8 or more
  • Features: 2 channels for navigation, blinking with red color, others sync with pixhawk main LED status. ref ardupilot wiki page LED Meaning
  • Ardupilot firmware version: 3.6 and higher


  • STM32 Bluepill or STM32 Blackpill
  • Arduino Pro mini 3.3V 8MHz or 5V 16MHz


Board Pin comments
STM32 bluepill or blackpill PA0 for drone heading, always blinking RED color
PA1 for sync status with ardupilot main LED status
Arduino Pro mini D8 for drone heading, always blinking RED color
D9 sync ardupilot main LED status

my project is here:

B/R ninja

We can control WS2812 directly from the flight controller on 4.0.

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yes, AC4.0 can, but fmuv3, and lower AC4.0 fc can’t support