DIY GCS in a case

To reduce the number of devices I have to take to the field, I built myself a GCS in a case:


  1. A rugged case from Amazon

  2. 10.1 inch 1920x1200 touchscreen

  3. Keyboard, touchpad and a micro USB hub I had lying around

  4. J4125 mini PC running Win 10 Pro/Missionplanner
    (my J3455 mini-itx PC/mainboard died during the build😕)

  5. RPi 3b+ running Rpanion-server

  6. Alfa Wifi adapter

  7. Step up converter for the PC

  8. BEC for the RPi

  9. An old laptop fan controlled by an arduino

  10. Two 2s 6000mAh lipos in parallel

  11. Various other bits and pieces like cables, screws, spacers, etc.

Everything (except keyboard, trackpad, USB hub and Alfa Wifi) is mounted to the front plate (a sheet of plywood) and can be removed by pulling the plate out.
All the parts are used as they are. No holes drilled into the case, etc.
It needs no power button, because the Mini PC has the ability to start after a power loss.
The cost for new parts without the mini PC would have been around 170€. The mini PC added another 170€ to it.
I will add other things to it, like GPS and a voltage alarm/display for the lipos.