DIY ESP32 based flight controller

So, i want to build my own flight controller based on ESP32 mcu.
I managed to build firmware following this page

The problem is that it states “Currently esp32 dev board with connected gy-91 10dof sensor board is supported.” I don’t have any gy-91 laying around and there’s some sort of shortage in my area, i can’t find any gy-91 or even solo mpu-9250 in local stores. So, i want to use different IMU, like mpu-6050 or LSM6DS3.
However, i can’t find any docs and examples on how to configure firmware to use other IMUs. Like, are they defined in boards/boardname.h ? Then where’s the list of supported IMUs and their definitions? And how do i configure board.h file properly?

Suggest you head over to the ESP32 Discord channel and join the very small crew interested in this.