DIY design & build of a foldable 300 class quadcopter (9" props)

Hello dear friend
I built a handheld radio control with Telemetry…
I got into trouble now.
can you help me ?
Thanks for you help me…

Please describe your problem ?

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My Speed controls for T Motors…
When I Calibrated speed controls with handheld radio control , After that time When I get the Quad copper battery or turn off the radio control The calibration that I got it will be ruined…
Where do you think the problem is?
Thanks for your attention…

Is this your home build radio TX ?
How do you calibrate your ESCs (describe your procedure step by step) ?

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Yes that’s right…
I made it at home…Sorry how


Sorry,I got the film calibrated…
it is possible,Send for you calibration movie… In your opinion ,The movie is no better explanation?
I tried everything ,I could not send the movie here
Sorry,it is possible send me email or ID telegram for sending movie?


Thank You Sir.
I did IT…
With your permission, can I post a photo in this thread-…?

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thank you, yes of course

Here a youtube video explaining how to calibrate ESCs. Did you do that ?

I’ve done this before ,But my problem was not resolved !
Sorry it is possible How to work Quad copter myself,send a clip ?

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very nice and original landing gear!

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Here a flight test with a 4S3P Li-Ion battery :


My previous problem was solved

Sorry i found a new problem
I am in Quad type settings in mission planer ,Put it on Quad X set it up…
But when I work with radio control , It works like Quad Plus + …
Where do you think the problem is …
Thanks for your advice…

Select the frame class in full parmeters.