Distributed electric propulsion setup

Good afternoon,

I am utilizing the pixhawk to control my senior design project and I wanted to ask a few questions regarding programming for multiple motors and the use of flaperons.

So, to give an insight into the UAV,

  • 6 wing-mounted motors
  • 1 EDF in the rear of the fuselage

67" wingspan
40" fuselage

What I have done:

Servo3_Function, Servo5_Function through Servo9_Function and Lastly Servo11_Function to the throttle Option (value 70).

So this should then set these channels to control the motors? My second question is how I should configure the aileron servos for flaperons? Also, on the aileron channel cant, I just use a servo wire splitter and run the ailerons both on channel 1?

I have yet to configure anything else. Want to make sure I figure this out and then move on to flight modes etc.

Here is a link containing the parameter lists: