Distance travelled wrong

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to get the distance travelled information from my last mission, but unfortunately the log index shows a wrong value, way higher than possible. Unfortunately my drone wasn’t connected to the ground station while operating so i couldn’t analyze Tlogs. Here is the dataflash log, hope you can help me find out what’s the problem! The real distance travelled should be around 7/8 Kms i guess (it was a 10km mission but had to terminate it before ending it).

Thanks a lot in advance

I used MissionPlanner dataflash logs tab to create a GPX file
then loaded it in maplorer.com
so this will be including the acro and everything from the start of the flight

You can drill down quite a bit on the track to get distances and info for particular legs

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That’s amazing, thank you so much!

I took the liberty of using a 3rd party website, they dont seem to upload and keep your file.
In MissionPlanner it’s already got a graph for distance from origin, but it’s not total distance traveled unfortunately. And my MissionPlanner seems to be having a day off sick

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