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Distance Sensor information on OSD display, help request!

Good Morning to all Arducopter fans and thank you all in advance for your input.
Has anyone managed to have Distance_Sensor/Proximity information on their OSD?
I have a specific project in my head and this sort of information would be useful if anyone knows how to make it possible.

Once Again, thank you all!

Hi Tony,

A distance sensor widget is on my toDo list for OSDeluxe, it supposed to be part of the first beta release. However it wont happen till middle/end of May.

I am not a programmer, but anything i can do to help @Eosbandi, please dont hesitate to ask.


I use a LIDAR Lite with an OSD called PItlabs. The device interfaces with the Pitlabs OSD.

Just recently, Pitlabs introduced a Mavlink firmware version. The OSD menu system has the ability to send commands to an Arducopter drone. Change flight modes, waypoint navigation, etc.

Check out the thread at:

The first image in the thread is from my quadcopter. The large number “61” bottom center is the LIDAR range. Very accurate out to about 40m. No reason you could not point it forward.

Any other questions, let me know. Perhaps this gear will solve your issue.

Hi, not shure if I should open a new topic.

i would also like to have LIDAR distance on my OSD. Which OSD does that support? I couln’t find the function for MinimOSD Extra. How about MW OSD?

some older version MWOSD (scarabOSD) actually does support a distance sensor panel. maybe check this for further reference:

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