Distance between lines breaks Survey Grid

Hello, I have run into a rather frustrating issue with Auto WP -> Survey (Grid).

Using Advanced Options, I played around with Distance Between Lines in the Grid Options tab. This turned out to be a fatal mistake as Survey Grid now flatly refuses to go back to adjusting the grid lines automatically when changing the altitude in the Simple tab. The lines are fixed to whatever Distance Between Lines says and I do not get any info for Distance between images, Ground Resolution or Footprint.

In desperation, I have uninstalled MP, deleted its folder in Program Files (x86) and in My Documents, then got a .zip of the latest, extracted it in a new folder and ran the executable. To my surprise, I get the exact same behaviour and also, it somehow remembers my Log path, Theme and Layout.

Just where are these settings hidden so I can annihilate them without the need to format my disk?

Also, is there a way to revert to default Survey Grid behaviour once I have touched Distance Between Lines?


in your my documents folder, there will be a mission planner folder.
delete the config.xml file. then try again

Thanks for the reply Michael, that worked. I also figured out my previous mistake. I think after I nuked all the files it actually worked but I forgot to select a camera from the drop down menu, which is why the numbers were not changing. Out of curiosity though, is deleting config.xml the only way of reverting to normal Survey (Grid) behaviour once the user has touched “Distance between lines”?

changing the camera and altitude changes the distance between lines. to change distance between line manually no camera must be selected.

Aha, I got it. Thank you for the clarification.