Displaying video on MP's HUD

I don’t know how to follow the brief instruction in “Other Mission Planner Features” in “Mission Planner Features/Screens” under Mission Planner Home.

Do I connect both the telemetry radio and the video capture card (a UVC receiver, in my case) to the laptop ? It does not work as I believe you can’t connect 2 USB for the same app to laptop at the same time.

Pls, anybody has more detailed instructions on the connection ?
Thank you.

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watching with interest

you can connect any number of usb devices to mission planner at the same time.
ie. multiple telemetry radios, multiple cube’s, multiple capture devices (can only use one at a time here though) so I don’t understand what limitation you are seeing

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The answer is yes. In the example below, Mission Planner has a USB connection to the UVC video receiver and another USB connection to the MavLink from a Skydroid ground unit. This MavLink connection can typically be a telemetry radio.

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Thank you, Michael.

Yes it worked right away as soon as I plug both the Mavlink telem radio and a UVC receiver to the USB ports of laptop, and I get the video streaming to the HUD.

I got the .avi video clip output to the MP logs and managed to play the video, but just for 1 occasion.

Afterwards, I tried numerous times, with different combination of pressing the “Start-Stop” buttons in the “Planner” screen, or chossing “Start Recording—Stop Record” after right click on the HUD, the video clip saved in MP logs cannot be played (error message says Window Media Player encounters some problem while playing this video). The video file in the MP logs clearly shows avi format and the size corresponds roughly to the length of the recording. Any clue why the file cannot play ?

One point worth noting, Wiki says pressing the “Start” button in the Planner screen will start recording. I am not sure if recording starts or not, but I don’t get an avi video clip output to the MP logs just by pressing “Start” button. You get it only when you right click on the HUD and select "“Start Recordng”.

Appreciate your help.

Thanks Greg, but were you able to play the video after recording using the UVC video ?
I managed to play the recorded video once, and afterwards, encounter error to play it again. Pls see my reply to Michael in this thread.


I have not tried the video record feature in Mission Planner. I typically use the HD version from the camera. I’ll give it a try sometime.

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Hello, have you been able to broadcast the video stream from the skydroid to PC (from USB1 ?)
It works with the skydroid app on mobile devices, and the manual (as old as this topic) mentions a “sdk for video, underdevelopment” for mission planner.
Thank you,

Iam also looking for the same thing