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Displaying copter in mavproxy

  1. dronekit-sitl copter --home=-35.363261,149.165230,584,353
  2. mavproxy.exe --map --console --load-module=graph --master tcp:

All seems to work fine and I see on the sitl console that the drone is acknowledging connection.

I also get the following in the mavproxy window:

-> set moddebug 2
-> module load help
Init APM:Copter V3.3 (d6053245)
Free RAM: 4096
FW Ver: 120
load_all took 0us
0 0 0 online system 1
APM: Calibrating barometer
APM: Initialising APM...
APM: barometer calibration complete
Init Gyro**
G_off: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
A_off: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
A_scale: 1.00, 1.00, 1.00
Ready to FLY  ublox 

but I do not see the drone on the map nor do I see any altitude and speed info after I do the following in mavproxy:

mode guided
arm throttle
takeoff 40

I see nothing in mavproxy.

Does anyone know the cause of this?



same problem. Waiting for answers…

I have same problem. Do you solve it?

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