Display Video on APM Planner HUD on MAC?


Nice work with APM Planner for MAC. I was tired of using Fusion with a Virtual Machine.

Just a question: ¿is this* feature active on Mac’s APM Planner 2 or it will be?


  • You can display video from your aircraft on the Mission Planner’s HUD if you are digitizing it with the same laptop (with a video capture card or USB device). Just select the device in the Configuration/Planner screen, chose video format and press “Start” to begin recording. If you select the HUD checkbox, the video display will replace the artificial horizon in the HUD.

This feature is not currently implemented, but it is a planned feature as there is interest in it.

see viewtopic.php?f=82&t=5676 for a duplicate question

I’m also waiting on this feature. Until then the only option is 1.2.95 on Fusion.

Came up with a work around. Just used EasyCapViewer to view my ezcap card and arranged the windows. Works great and frames come in much smoother vs fusion/windows7/apm1.x


Is there an update on the display video? I have been looking through apm planner and I still can’t seem to find any ability to stream video.

Not yet, when I get Solo, i’ll as some video features.

Is this feature already available? There is another workaround to get video in the APM for MAC?
thank you!